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Training manikin for ATLS trauma courses

In 2006, SYNBONE was asked by the ATLS Organization to develop a training manikin for trauma team training. The SYNMAN torso model was approved by ACS/ATLS in March 2007 and is being used in various countries around the world. Please refer to the Clinical Study for additional information


Following changes to the ATLS standard trauma training program (9th Edition), SYNBONE reacted quickly to create a new model accommodating only the new procedures. SYNMAN Compact was born and then approved by the ACS/ATLS in October 2012. 

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SYNMAN PR0624                           SYNMAN Compact PR1221


Following procedures possible:          Following procedures possible:
   - Cricothyroidotomy                          - Cricothyroidotomy 
   - Needle Thoracentesis                      - Needle Thoracentesis 
   - Cheat Tube Insertion                      - Chest Tube Insertion
   - Pericardiocentesis                                       
   - Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage                     
   - Subrapubic Bladder Decompression

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