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Training manikin for ATLS trauma courses

In 2006, SYNBONE was asked by the ATLS Organization to develop a training manikin for trauma team training. The SYNMAN torso model was approved by ACS/ATLS in March 2007 and is being used in various countries around the world.


Following changes to the ATLS standard trauma training program (9th Edition), SYNBONE reacted quickly to create a new model accommodating only the new procedures. SYNMAN Compact was born and then approved by the ACS/ATLS in October 2012. 

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SYNMAN PR0624                           SYNMAN Compact PR1221


Following procedures possible:          Following procedures possible:
   - Cricothyroidotomy                          - Cricothyroidotomy 
   - Needle Thoracentesis                      - Needle Thoracentesis 
   - Cheat Tube Insertion                      - Chest Tube Insertion
   - Pericardiocentesis                                       
   - Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage                     
   - Subrapubic Bladder Decompression

SYNMAN Product Information

SYNMAN Compact Product Information

SYNMAN Video  


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