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SYNBONE's larger spine models now available!

In response to the market demands, SYNBONE has developed new larger spine models.  

Incorporated into these new models are the following:

L5 vertebra comparing original and new larger model

A more anatomically correct model providing more detail in the vertebra pedicle area.

Better surface around the pedicle for the placement of the pedicle screw.
L5 vertebra comparing original and new larger model

Larger vertebra surface mainly in the lumbar area.

L5 Vertebra comparing original and new larger model
Vertebra thickness is generally larger in comparison to our other models depending on spine section. The biggest difference is found in the cervical section.

The standard new models are:

LD9390 Spine cervial C1-T1 Occiput

LD9380 Spine thoracal T2-T9

LD9370 Spine lumbar T10-L5 Sacrum

Fractures and model combinations are available on request.

These new spine models are all made with the new low density (LD) cortical bone mixture which we introduced earlier this year. Thanks to this new consistency, screws can be placed with much less force. This, along with the new larger size, provides a much more realistic and successful outcome for the participants during the workshops.


Please note that you can purchase both the standard and/or the larger spine models.


Please contact us at sales@synbone.ch or visit our website www.synbone.ch for more information.

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